Corie_Weaver_SquareI didn’t grow up planning to be a writer. I was never one of those kids scribbling stories in a notebook, or submitting to the school paper. But I’ve always been a voracious reader. A few years ago, I realized I had some of my own stories to tell. I’ve been lucky enough to have participated in some fabulous crit groups, and to have attended the Taos Toolbox Workshop.

I love reading. I love stories of adventure, stories that grab me and won’t let me go. Stories that will stay with me for years. Old and new, paper books, digital and comics – anything with a good story is fair game. And I love writing, telling stories, creating worlds and people and histories… and then doing terrible things to them!

My background is in medieval history (Spanish manuscripts of the apocalypse, if you were wondering), but as I’m fond of being able to pay the bills, I work at our local university, as well some freelance work as a web designer. I live in Las Vegas, New Mexico (the smaller, older, and much quieter one) with my husband and our two cats and two dogs. We travel as much as possible, and are active with our local animal rescue group.

"A bright, original voice in young adult fiction." - Walter Jon Williams, Nebula winning author of Hardwired and This is Not a Game.