Mirror of Stone

Mirror of Stone
Length: 314 pages
ASIN: 1940924022
ISBN: 9781940924021

Sixteen-year-old Eleanor Weber dreams of escape from the backwater colony moon of Travbon, but when she leaves she's thrown into a world of secrets, and into the path of an impending genocide.

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About the Book

“A bright, original voice in young adult fiction.”
– Walter Jon Williams, Nebula winning author of Hardwired and This is Not a Game.

“A believably crafted alternate world populated by dramatic and refreshing characters brings intensity to this sci-fi journey.”
– Foreword Magazine

Trapped by her mother’s death into caretaking for her alcoholic father, sixteen-year-old Eleanor Weber dreams of escape, but doesn’t know what else to do with her life on the backwater colony moon of Travbon.

The death of an old prospector in her family’s inn puts an extraordinary object in her hands. Over time the object bewitches her with scenes of a mysterious city populated by strange figures. When Eleanor’s Aunt Susan threatens to take the bar from her, Eleanor realizes her father can no longer help anyone, and runs away to find the beautiful city.

Adam Cole resents his work. Stuck in his job as a Guardsman, kept from joining the Navy and defending the interplanetary traders from unknown attackers, he is sent after Eleanor with puzzling orders. Retrieve the girl and more importantly, the pack she carries.

Adam’s grandfather Jake Cole, a veteran of the civil war that shook the Claro system fifty years ago, helps Adam trace threads of the mystery back to the shadowy Olympia Norris, the old woman who rules the governing council.

Together, Eleanor and Adam must race to expose the secret that Olympia has hidden for two generations, and prevent an impending genocide.

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"A bright, original voice in young adult fiction." - Walter Jon Williams, Nebula winning author of Hardwired and This is Not a Game.