Bear’s Heart

Bear’s Heart
Series: New Legends of the Southwest, Book 2
Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy
Tags: Fantasy, Middle Grade
Publisher: Dreaming Robot Press
Length: 162 pages
ASIN: 1940924014
ISBN: 9781940924014

A land of Native American myths and legends is under siege by a killing wind. Bear Girl, shape-shifting daughter of healers, must leave the land she knows to venture into the mortal world to solve a mystery whose origins lay buried in a three-hundred-year-old tragedy.

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About the Book

“Going from Coyote’s Daughter to Bear’s Heart makes me wonder what the next one, I’m hoping there’s a next one, will be and I’m actually crossing my fingers for a Jack book… I think it’s safe to say that Weaver’s stories leave me with a fuzzy, happy feeling by their end. I feel it’s quite appropriate that Corie’s surname is Weaver and would definitely recommend both her books for those who love the ease with which you can read a YA fiction and enjoy fantasy, but with a difference.”

— Bonnie, Bookish Ardour


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"A bright, original voice in young adult fiction." - Walter Jon Williams, Nebula winning author of Hardwired and This is Not a Game.